Video: Drunk Woman Who Almost Fell 8 Floors To Her Death Gets Saved By Clothes Rack

If you own a clothes rack, you’re likely to know how it’s useful for a bunch of things like drying clothes and hanging potted plants. But in light of this incident, we’re going to add saving lives to that list.

Recently, a woman who was under the influence of alcohol was caught on video, hanging by her legs from a clothes rack outside a window on the 8th floor of a residential building in Jiangsu city, Yangzhou, reported Shanghaiist.

In the video footage, the woman can be seen hanging from the bent clothes rack that was surprisingly still unbroken from her weight. From the way her body was positioned, it was clear that the only thing standing between the woman and the 8-floor drop was the stable clothes rack.

Thankfully, her neighbours found her in that dangerous position before the situation escalated. They immediately contacted the property management staff who rushed to unlock her door and pull the woman to safety. Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that the woman was intoxicated when she climbed out of the window sill. She stumbled but was fortunately saved by the trusty clothes rack from falling to her death.

Looks like it’s time to invest in a clothes rack. You never know what else it could be useful for. Jokes aside, please stay safe guys! Don’t try this at home.