There’s a Sunflower Field Right Here in Perlis, & The Instagram Pictures Are AMAZING

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue, 

Flowers that are yellow, 

Are now closer to you.

Source: @danealmohaimin_

That’s right, Malaysia now has its very own sunflower field, and it can be found in all its glory right in The Snake and Reptile Park in Kangar, Perlis! The park, which opened last year in July, has Malaysians all over it for their fire Instagram posts. From selfies to simply basking in the ambience of these mighty giants, many have already stepped foot in the field, flooding the internet with oh-so-very pretty pictures.

Source: @tashafilzah

Source: @hzkhaa

Besides flora, the park also has fauna, or simply put, slithering snakes and ever-adorable turtles. I mean, could you be any happier? Oh wait, you could, because there’s more. On top of all of that, the park also provides an opportunity for anyone who has or hasn’t tried to grow a green thumb. Don’t freak out, not an actual one, but rather in the metaphorical sense; as you’ll be planting sunflower seeds. This way, you get the chance to give life to one of these babies yourself!

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Being an in-trend Instagrammable location, you need not look further for your weekend getaway. In fact, for only RM3-RM6, you get sunflowers, a petting zoo and a reptile conservatory, so what are you waiting for??