Someone Wanted to Pay RM6 Million for This Wantan Mee Recipe But The Owner Refused to Sell

You know the food must be extraordinary when someone is willing to offer SGD2 million (approx. RM6 million) to buy the recipe! 

Kok Kee Wantan Noodle is perhaps one of the most famous hawker stalls in Singapore that has been operating for a number of years. Sadly, one of the two branches suddenly closed down in 2016 as it was rumoured that the owner was suffering from health complications. However, wantan mee fans can rejoice again after the branch has announced that it will reopen in March 2019, according to China Press.

Source: China Press
Source: China Press

Now helmed by the owner and his two children, the trio is working hard to bring their wantan mee back to its glorious days. What sets them apart from the other wantan mee hawkers is their awesome lard-based sauce and their springy noodles. The homemade chilli also adds a distinctive taste that just makes the customers keep coming back for more!

When being interviewed by the media, the 35-year-old son said he and his younger sister (32 years old) are still learning every day to ensure every bowl has the ‘traditional taste’ and meets the customers’ expectation. Some regulars reckoned that the siblings have already learned the skills from their father and can now handle the stall alone.

Source: China Press

Speaking of expansion, the son revealed that they always receive invitations to open up branches overseas and one party even offered them over SGD2 million (approx. RM6 million) to buy their secret recipe for the delicious wantan mee.

“Obviously, investors will want to see high returns but for now, we don’t wish to get rich quick by earning a lump sum of money. Of course, earning money is a must, but we want to focus more on perfecting the craft and make sure the younger generation get to taste our noodles,” the son said, adding that they will only look into branching out when they’ve met someone who’s as passionate as them in the craft. 

If you’re in Singapore and are looking for a good bowl of wantan noodle, you know where to go. The stall is located at 30 Foch Road, Singapore.