Singaporean Shares Creepy Story Of Ghost Encounter In A Haunted Chalet

Having ghostly encounters isn’t something we all look forward to, especially during a holiday in a hotel room.

But we all know that one of the most haunted places is the hotels. There have been many cases of paranormal sightings in hotels that will make anyone cry for their mothers.

Thy Dowager from Singapore shared the story of how her little sister had a spirit visit her while away on a staycation. She wrote,

“So yesterday, my baby sister, Joey, went to Aloha Changi Yacht Club Chalet with her friends.”

Source: 123-Pictures

“They managed to get the room even though the booking was done just a day before. Usually chalets in SG are always fully booked over weekends.”

“Feeling rather apprehensive about it, she shared her concerns with her friends but they managed to dismiss her fears by assuring her that nothing will happen as there’s going to be 60 over friends at the chalet.”

“They then arrived to check in and realised the room located right opposite old Changi hospital and the infamous abandoned Aloha Changi resort.”

“Apparently the chalet had a previous lesbians’ suicide case in 2012; killed by charcoal poisoning if I remember correctly.”

True enough, two young women did commit suicide in one of the chalets in 2012, Yahoo reported. They were aged 20 and 24.

Source: Yahoo

“At about 2-3am when her friends were drinking and chatting at the BBQ pit, Guy A saw a female figure with short hair sitting beside a Guy B, waving at Guy A.”

“Guy A started panicking and ran inside the chalet while screaming ‘Ghost! Ghost!'”

“Guy C saw a white figure with long hair standing at the stair case holding onto the railing, seemingly as if she was blocking anyone from going upstairs.”

“He had a strong instinct that something is inside Joey’s room and braved his way in to check on her.”

“After waking Joey up and informing her of the situation, they told her to remain calm as they proceed to do a little test by taking a photo against the mirror reflection after wiping the mirror thoroughly clean.”

Source: Thy Dowager

“My baby sis says that they found ghosts in room 1 and 4.”

The lady’s post went viral over a thousand shares as people were freaking out about the incident. Many netizens also shared their own ghostly encounters in the comments section.

There are also some netizens that wondered if it could be a bluff.

Think like a forensic. Why must be taken through mirror ? It’s easy to replicate a ghost image by splashing some powder on the mirror and wiping off some excess, drawing the figure to fit with the people around.” one netizen wrote.

Do you guys think that it is fake?