M’sian Teacher Offers FREE English Classes Online Conducted In BM So Everyone Can Learn Together

English, while a common language often used in Malaysia, may not be the easiest to learn. Like most languages, they require patience, determination, and of course a good teacher, to help the learning process along. And with students now having to play catch-up with their lapse in studies after three months of MCO, that might not be the easiest thing to do.

But fortunately enough for students across the country, one dedicated teacher has taken to social media to help address these difficulties in picking up English as a language, especially among those who are reliant on Bahasa Malaysia. Meet Cikgu Rachel, who runs her own YouTube channel teaching English to Malaysian students.

As we all know, the complexities of English grammar and vocabulary can often be difficult to pick apart and understand, even for native English speakers. You can imagine just how much more daunting that can be for non-native English speakers in countries like Malaysia.

Which is why Cikgu Rachel makes the distinction to teach her classes in Bahasa Malaysia, so students from all walks of life may be able to learn it too!

Fluent in both languages on her channel, Cikgu Rachel helps students along through her clear and concise explanations into the technicalities of English, and covers a wide range of topics, from the correct use of tenses to common mistakes made while writing.

As of present, Cikgu Rachel’s channel features over 19 videos, with more planned ahead. So if you plan on brushing up your English skills, why not drop by her channel and subscribe for more content?

To Cikgu Rachel, we thank you for your service to the community, and we hope that your career on YouTube will reach greater successes!