M’sian Indian Couple Have Malay Themed Wedding, Even Made Into M’sia Book Of Records

Malaysia is a multicultural country and it’s a common thing for us to embrace other cultures in our daily lives. From our nasi lemak breakfasts to our Manglish, our country is truly a mixing pot of cultures. This Indian couple’s wedding is truly a testament to how we assimilate cultures from other races into our daily lives or in their case, their wedding!

Remaathi Palani, 31, got married to her husband, Thanaseelan, on the 2nd of February this year and they had two receptions on the 29th of February. Why two receptions you ask? The evening reception was for their Malay friends while the reception at night was for their Indian friends and family. For their Malay reception, the couple really knocked it out of the park with a complete matching songket ensemble!


Another good news is that their wedding even got into the Malaysian Book Of Records because of her wedding dress, which had a ribbon as long as 407.75 metres!


When asked about her decision to have a Malay themed reception, Remaathi told mStar that she was raised in a majority Malay neighbourhood and had mostly Malay friends growing up in Kampung Tok Bedu, Pulau Pinang. She even humorously told that her Indian friends almost went back cause they thought they were at the wrong wedding. She even praised her tailor, Zakiah Durani who took almost four months to finish the dress.

We approached Remaathi told her reason to have a Malay themed wedding was simply that we were born as Malaysian and we need to respect all religions. Even the menu for the wedding was Malay food with chicken biryani, dalca, jelatah, kambing golek and even sate!

Remaathi and Thanaseelan’s approach to their way of showing their love towards the country is extremely refreshing, especially in these difficult times. Congrats to the newlyweds and may their marital bliss continue!