M’sian Dad Warns Not To Post Info On Kids on Social Media After Daughter Was Almost Kidnapped

According to a report by Sinar Harian, a father claimed that her daughter was almost kidnapped yesterday when he and his wife went to pick his daughter up from school.

As it is normal for parents to put up pictures of the family’s activities daily, Ihsan and his wife are no exception, posting on their social media showing off their child to distant friends and families.

Yet, Ihsan now believes that his postings on social media about his family, especially his child, are a dangerous move. He realised this when he went to pick his child up from school with his wife and he noticed a guy approaching the teacher, calling Ihsan’s daughter name.

A Father Suspects His Daughter Was Almost Kidnapped Because Of Social Media Postings - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sinar Harian

Ihsan was lucky when the teacher recognised his wife and instantly told the man that he is not the father of the kid. The man then claimed he was at a wrong school and quickly walked away.

The school has been alerted on the issue, and will be making sure the safety of their students is assured. Ihsan advised parents to be more cautious when posting about their kids, especially information like their full names and schools.

Although there could be another reason for the man’s actions, Ihsan believed that parents should practice constant vigilance to avoid harm to their children. Nevertheless, this incident surely is an eye-opener for Ihsan and his wife as they were lucky enough to go through this with no damage.