Malaysia’s First Pet Pharmacy Lets You Buy Medicine & Supplements For Your Furry Friends

Pet lovers, take note! You will now be able to get your hands on basic medicine, supplements, and specialty shampoos at Malaysia’s very first pet pharmacy, a service recently launched by popular local pet supplies retailer Pet Lovers Centre (PLC). Conceived with the goal of offering Malaysian pet owners the convenience and peace of mind in getting their pets the right sort of supplements and basic medical care that they need, the service is currently now available at PLC’s Mid Valley Southkey, Johor Bahru outlet.

The Vet Pharmacy is now open to serve your needs.

Pet ownership is a pretty daunting task when you consider the fact that you have to worry about making sure that your furry (or scaly) friend is eating right. And God only knows how much more daunting it can be when your pet falls ill and you need to head to a pet store to find help.

Pet Lovers Centre has opened its first Vet Pharmacy in Mid Valley Southkey, Johor Bahru.

With skilled members of staff on hand, PLC’s Vet Pharmacy will not only be able to help give you some insight on the condition of your pets and what you can do to help them, they can even provide you with a vast range of prescription and over the counter medication that you can use on your pets.

“The aim of the Vet Pharmacy is to offer our services and extended knowledge in pet healthcare to empower owners to understand what is needed for their furry friends,” said Bryan Boo, PLC Malaysia Operations Director, in speaking with FMT.

In addition to that, they also have supplements and prescription diets on hand to make sure that when your pet is healthy, they stay that way. The pharmacy will also plan to include custom flavouring into their supplements to help picky pets find them more appetizing.

They will even flavour the supplements to encourage your pets to consume them,

While it is not clear if PLC has any further plans to expand their line of Vet Pharmacies to other outlets, the fact that you can now get access to help from a pet care professional is a boon for pet owners to begin with!

So if you need any help with your furkid, this might just be a good place to start!