Kedah Woman With Pink Tag Caught Shopping Outside TEMCO Area By PDRM Authorities

A woman wearing a pink tag was caught by authorities after being spotted grocery shopping outside the Targeted Enhanced Movement Control Order (TEMCO) in Kubang Pasu, Kedah a few days ago.

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She was immediately apprehended by authorities and given an RM1,000 fine after being found guilty of leaving the area she was supposed to be confined to, said sources from Harian Metro.

The woman, who was stopped by the management of a supermarket in Jitra, gave the excuse that she did not know she was not allowed to buy goods from beyond the restricted TEMCO area. Kubang Pasu District Police Chief, Superintendent Mohd Ismail Ibrahim said that the supermarket management contacted the police immediately before handing over the suspect for further action.

Individuals who are wearing pink tags are only allowed to go as far as one kilometre from their designated TEMCO areas. If they step out of this radius, severe action will be taken by authorities. “It is very likely that she came from an enclosed road (jalan-jalan tikus) because all our main roads have been closed and there were eight roadblocks since 3 August”, said the police chief, in a statement recorded by Berita Harian.

Since the TEMCO was implemented, a total of 82 compounds were issued to offenders who violated the order. “So far, all residents in the three areas, namely Napoh, Jitra and Megat Dewa have undergone health screening tests following the spread of the PUI Sivagangga cluster in this district last month.”

Mohd Ismail said some residents were scared to take the tests as they were concerned that the long mandatory quarantine period would cause the food supply to run out. However, Mohd Ismail assured the public that a steady food supply will be continuously sent out to the affected areas.

Just a few days ago, the Ministry of Health expressed their concern that the PUI Sivagangga cluster might be a super spreader.

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