Kedah Wife Breaks SOP & Follows Husband To Nightclub To Make Sure He Stays Loyal To Her

Despite the relaxations offered in the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), there are still some premises that are not allowed to open, for example, nightclubs. The stubborn owners and patrons of these nightclubs have faced heavy fines from the authorities.

Now, what’s a typical reason for anyone visiting a nightclub? Dance, socialise or generally just to have a good time. However, this wife from Kuah, Langkawi visited a nightclub to MAKE SURE her husband stays loyal to her.

The wife who was arrested for following her husband to the nightclub.

The mother of four sons aged between four to 16, told the authorities that besides keeping an eye on her husband, she also wanted to “feel the aura” of the nightclub.

According to Harian Metro, the woman said she doesn’t trust her husband ever since she found out that her husband has a girlfriend in the club. “This is the third time I’m following him drinking during the MCO even though I don’t drink myself, ” she said.

“He never used to drink alcohol but lately he’s been doing it quite frequently, maybe he has problems at work that he never told me about. Only God knows how I feel but I had no choice!”

Langkawi District Deputy Chief of Police, Deputy Superintendent Roszemi Mat Derus told that along with the 40-year-old couple, 27 other people were arrested for violating the RMCO. As of now, nightclubs are still not allowed to operate in Langkawi.

PDRM arresting those who were in the nightclub for violating set SOPs.

Astro AWANI reported that those in the nightclubs were not practising physical distancing and weren’t even wearing their masks. They were then brought to Langkawi District Police Headquarters (IPD) for further actions.

Six of the arrested people were found positive for methamphetamine and marijuana. All of them were detained according to Section 3 (7) of RMCO 2020 for disobeying the RMCO and compounded RM1,000 each.

They were also found to have committed offences in accordance with Regulation 11 (1) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures in Local Infected Areas) Regulations (No. 7) 2020.

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