Inspiring M’sian With Cerebral Palsy Starts His Own Online Business By Selling Footwear Through FB

Where there is a will, there is a way. The old saying has proven true time and time again, with many people being able to achieve incredible feats regardless of their circumstances, as long as they remain determined to succeed. Such is the inspiring story of one disabled Malaysian, who managed to start his own business online, despite his physical disabilities.

Recently shared by netizen @mkhmnw over Twitter, an incredible young man suffering from cerebral palsy from Malaysia has won the praise of netizens locally for making the decision to earn an income for himself by selling clothes through Facebook Live.

While this premise of starting an online business may be a pretty nonchalant and relatively easy decision to make for most of us, this young man has to face the challenges that come with his condition. According to Mayo Clinic, cerebral palsy is defined as “a group of disorders that affect movement and muscle tone or posture”.

This young man, who goes by the name of Dale, operates his own Facebook page called Scarpe Negozio MY, and often hosts Facebook Live broadcasts where he sells a variety of items, primarily footware and socks.

On his page, Dale explains to his customers about his physical disabilities, and often encourages people to reach him over text should they fail to understand him over his live Facebook broadcasts.

Speech and motor difficulties aside, customers continue to show enthusiastic support for Dale’s business. In fact, due to a recent surge in attention, he has even run low on stocks and had to make a second trip to get more!

Hi guys, Thank you for supporting my business. Due to the great response I am currently low in stocks and will be back on Facebook live when my stocks have arrived. Thank you and please continue to support me.

Posted by Scarpe Negozio My on Ahad, 10 Mei 2020

For those of you who would like to support Dale’s business, you may contact him via his Facebook page here to purchase something from him, or catch him during his live Facebook broadcasts.

We wish Dale all the success in the world on the road ahead, and salute him for being a shining example of sheer determination and passion!