Hello Pulis? This Mamak Is Serving Maggi Goreng Milo and Kuey Teow Milo

Malaysia is hands down the land of amazing food.

However, this one mamak, popularly known as Restoran Aliff has recently been catching attention on social media… and we’re unsure if it’s for the right or wrong reasons.

Restoran Aliff has been making a name for themselves for their super crazy and wacky creations they serve up. We even wrote about them back in July for their Roti Canai KLCC and Milo Cheese! Yes, you read that right.

More recently, they shared a picture of their latest item – Maggi goreng milo.

The image depicts Maggi which is fried with milo, hence getting even coatings of chocolate all over.

Just look at it:

Netizens who saw the post were bewildered and amused at the dish. Many questioned how it’d taste, but astoundingly, others exclaimed ‘challenge accepted’. Some even jokingly tagged their friends in the post to ask them to try it out.

If that hasn’t blown your mind, you’d be intrigued to find out that they actually made an order for a fellow Malaysian which is… Kuey teow goreng telur mata Milo aka Char Kuey Teow Milo with egg.

Ermmm, we’re not to sure if we’re willing to try this. But whoever does, let us know how it tastes okay??