Fried Rice With Sambal Belacan and DURIAN? Check Out This Food Vlogger’s Take On It

Previously we have covered stories about Trevor James or better known as The Food Ranger on how he has decided to call our beloved country, home. In one of his videos, he did mention that there is something about the Malaysian vibe as well as the food culture here that charmed him to relocate from China to Kuala Lumpur.

If you have been following him on all his platforms, you would know that Trevor really loves Malaysian food. He will go the extra mile to taste authentic dishes of the community that even some of us have not tasted yet.

Recently, he shared a video on his Facebook page about him trying a dish that might even make the most hardcore durian fan think twice! The dish is a version of fried rice, infused with durian flesh, topped with fresh Musang King and sambal belacan. Yes, you read that right.

From the video, you can witness the chef mixing the durian flesh thoroughly inside the fried rice and although it might sound weird, we were actually drooling after watching the video. So what’s the verdict by The Food Ranger? Well, he said,

“You can actually see the durian flesh infused into the rice. And the sambal goes well. That’s one thing I’m surprised with. The sambal, you think it wouldn’t go with that sweetness from the durian, but it does. I like that sweetness from the durian and the spiciness from the sambal. That’s actually a surprising combo.”

You can watch the full video here:

EXTREME Durian Fried Rice in Penang Malaysia @Ah Chong Fried Rice!!!

EXTREME Durian Fried Rice in Penang Malaysia at Ah Chong 炒飯 !!! Watch until the end!! This is SUPER UNIQUE!! With spicy Sambal Belacan!

Posted by The Food Ranger on Selasa, 30 Jun 2020

Durian and sambal belacan might actually be a logical combo because we do eat tempoyak with sambal belacan. If you want to try this dish, you can visit Ah Chong Fried Rice in Penang and experience it for yourselves. For now, we will have fried rice as the main dish and durian for dessert after that. 😛