7 Nature Retreats In Malaysia With Breathtaking Views For That Perfect Getaway

Since the MCO, I know a lot of us have been itching for a getaway (especially if you’ve been cooped up only seeing 4 corner of your walls). This leads to anxiety and depression, and since we’ve now move into the RMCO phase, it’s important some of us take that much needed getaway to ease our nervous minds.

While we still can’t travel overseas, we definitely can still disconnected by travelling domestically.

Here are 7 spots we’ve compiled just for you to get away from the stress and finally unwind.

*Please note that as there’s a pandemic, make sure to exercise caution when travelling.

1. Dome house with a sea view

This unique space is built within a Geodesic Dome and it comes with an unobstructed view that overlooks the South China Sea. You can comfortably fit 2-3 people and each dome has a private bathroom, king bed, adjacent deck with unobstructed sea view and BBQ!

Whether it’s a friendly or romantic getaway, this will definitely be perfect to keep your mind off the hustle and bustle back home while you unwind.

Name: Dome House by Sea Horizon

Location: Kota Tinggi, Johor

Price: RM700 per night

Pax: 2-3 guests


2. Nature lodge by the cliff

If you think Penang is just a modern town then think again! This place that’s located on the island itself shows you another – greener – side of Penang.

Tucked away on the cliff side, it offers a breathtaking view from your own room from sunrise to sunset! Guests are able to enjoy the infinite spring water pool, waterfall only 5 minutes away, and the path that is perfect for jogging or cycling.

This location is hosted by Zhi Vooi who loves farming and growing tropical fruits. Visitors so far recommend this highly accommodating host who is always keen to listen and share stories with guests.

Name: Bao Sheng @ The Passion Hut

Location: Balik Pulau, Penang

Price: RM280 per night

Pax: 2 guests


3. Nature retreat with a private pool

Have a big family or group? This nature retreat accommodates up to 10 people – and is only 1 hour away from KL!

Overlooking about 4,000-acres of forest reserve, this place is the perfect getaway for those who intend to disconnect from their stressful days. Wake up to the cacophony of song-birds, and gaze at the mountains through the morning mist.

There’s even a salt water pool for you to swim in while you gaze upon that breathtaking sunset view.

Name: Selepas Hujan (After The Rain)

Location: Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Price: RM1,450 per night

Pax: 10 guests


4. Hidden gem in the forest

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This resort names their accommodation ‘Sarang’ that translates into ‘nest’ in Malay – which is aptly named as their rooms are similar to nests¬†ensconced among the natural landscape of the area.

Located in Pulau Tioman, the resort offers guests the choice of spending the night in sea chalets, jungle sarangs and wooden houses. While the resort’s main concern is to preserve nature, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any of your everyday luxuries as the rooms are fully equipped with everything you need.

Plus, there are Sarangs that come complete with your very own private plunge pool!

Name: Japamala

Location: Tioman Island, Pahang

Price: RM1,050 per night

Pax: 2 guests

7 Gorgeous Nature Retreats In Malaysia For A Unique Getaway - World Of Buzz 55

7 Gorgeous Nature Retreats In Malaysia For A Unique Getaway - World Of Buzz 30Source: 7 Gorgeous Nature Retreats In Malaysia For A Unique Getaway - World Of Buzz 54


5. Wooden villa for that tropical vibes

This spacious Tropical Wooden Villa is designed with traditional Malay architecture and has an unobstructed pool view. The surrounding village area is known for its tranquility, accompanied by lush greens.

It boasts a panoramic view of the paddy fields and mountains, perfect for a getaway from the hustle and bustle.

Name: Alamanda Tropical Villa

Location: Langkawi, Kedah

Price: RM370 per night

Pax: 4 guests


6. Serene getaway on a hill

Situated in the beautiful town Kuala Kubu Bharu, this getaway is located on a private hill. Designed with an open concept, you’ll get plenty of fresh breeze into your stay.

The place offers a stunning panoramic view of lush greenery, perfect for anyone to unwind.

Some of the amenities include, cooking area, BBQ pit, balcony for the breathtaking sunset view, and a swimming pool that’s shared with other guests.

Name: Hidden Gem on the hill

Location: Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Price: RM730 per night

Pax: 7 guests


7. Tranquil space among nature for those who love privacy

This place is a self-service concept retreat where villas are spread out at various locations so there is no reception or a concierge. It’s perfect for those who want to disconnect and enjoy a little privacy to themselves and loved ones.

The location offers nature’s finest – from fresh crisp air to its clear flowing streams. Read a book, paint, or even enjoy quality time at this getaway that’s only about 1 hour away from Klang Valley.

Name: Puncak Rimba Villa

Location: Bentong, Pahang

Price: RM650 per night

Pax: 4 guests


Itching to travel already? You’re welcome!