6 Desserts You Must Try In Penang Even If You’re A Local

Ask any youths today what is their passion, and most of them will answer with travelling or even eating. Indeed, who doesn’t want to explore this planet and nom away on good foods?

But not only do we fill ourselves up with delicious local delicacies, we definitely have to have desserts after meals too. I mean, we are food-loving people after all right?

So check out these 6 desserts you absolutely must have when you travel over to Penang.

Hutton lane

1. Green Tea Sizzling Brownies @ La Vanille Pastry

Source: Xiawen

And the award for innovative dessert of the year goes to this yummylicious green tea dessert. Whoever came up with the idea of putting a piece of perfectly baked bread onto a burning hot plate with green tea sauce sizzling away is ingenious.

But if this isn’t your cup of tea, then check out their other desserts too. La Vanille Pastry is also well-known for their adorable macaroons and cakes that are almost too cute to eat.

Location: 122, Jalan Hutton Georgetown, 10050, Penang

Operating Hours: Daily, 10AM-8PM

Source: La Vanille Pastry’s Instagram

Source: La Vanille Pastry’s Instagram

2. Cempedak Cheesecake @ Moody Cow Cafe

Source: wasiahken

One of the most Malaysian dessert ever would be the cempedak cheesecake. Even if you’re not a fan of the fruit itself, this cake is something you have to try at least once in your life.

This deliciously thick and creamy cake is so good that even if you’re feeling so full, you still wouldn’t want to share this with anyone else.

Aside from the cempedak, they have your typical cakes like Oreo to some really special flavours such as durian too. You’ll come back every time to try the many cheesecake flavours that they have.

Location: 170, Jalan Transfer, Georgetown, 10050, Penang

Operating Hours: Daily, 2PM-12AM (Dinner menu starts at 7PM)

Source: gs_ang


3. Red Velvet Galettes @ Jawi House Cafe Gallery

Source: Jawi House Cafe Gallery’s Facebook

These mini flat red velvet cakes stacked on top of each other with the perfect cream cheese frosting artistically plopped in between and on top will make you want seconds.

Jawi House Cafe Gallery offers delicious main dishes aside from desserts. But in addition to that, they also offer a beautifully designed space that will feed your Instagram too.

FYI, galette is just a fancy culinary term for flat cakes. Don’t worry, I had to google it too.

Location: 85, Lebuh Armenian, 10200, Penang

Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 10AM-6PM (Closed on Sundays)

Source: eikaaaaaaaa

Source: Chrothan

4. Waffles @ Salon Du Chocolat

Source: Salon Du Chocolat’s Facebook

If you’re in love with chocolate, then this waffle by Salon Du Chocolat is something you definitely must have.

All of their desserts are dripping with generous amounts of chocolate sauce. This is definitely a cafe to go to where you can satisfy your inner sins.

From a devilish fountain of chocolate for fondue, to simply waffles and pancakes drizzled with chocolate. Your dentist will be having a field day after a visit to this chocolate haven.

Location: 163D-1-2, Festive Square, Ground Floor, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Georgetown, Penang

Operating Hours: Daily, 10AM-11PM on weekdays & 10AM-12AM on weekends

Source: qii1811

Source: Salon Du Chocolat’s Facebook

5. Mango Cup @ Crepe Cottage

Source: Crepe Cottage’s Instagram

Crepe Cottage definitely knows how to handle their crepes. Who would have ever come up with such an innovative idea of forming a plain old normal crepe into the shape of a cup!

To top off the crispy crunchy crepe are freshly cubed mangoes, cool mango ice cream, dollops of whipped cream, and a generous sprinkle of peanuts on top.

But if you’re not a big fan of mangoes, fret not because Crepe Cottage offers other delicious fruit and crepe combos.

Location: 77-A, Persiaran Gurney, George Town, Penang

Operating Hours: Wednesdays to Mondays, 6.30PM-11.30PM (Closed on Tuesdays)

Source: Crepe Cottage’s Instagram

Source: Shuenshuenkoay

6. Macaroons @ Metisser Patisserie & Tea Room

Source: jasl3ne_tang
If you want a sibeh atas place to show off to your Instagram followers every once in a while, then pay a visit to Metisser Patisserie & Tea Room.

Not only will the delectable macaroons satisfy your taste buds, you can let your eyes indulge in the intricate interior design too. Aside from the alluring macaroons, you can also order their impeccable cakes.

Being called a tea room, of course they would serve those stunning macaroons with a high tea set, further enhancing your dining experience.

Location: 140, Jalan Pintal Tali, Georgetown, 10100 Penang

Operating Hours: Thursdays to Tuesdays, 2PM-11PM (Closed on Wednesdays)

Source: oongli

Source: Metisser Patisserie & Tea Room’s Instagram

Packing my bags on a food trip to Penang now. See all of you Penangites soon!